- William Fèvre (Gran Cuvée) -

For the first release of our new line of fine wines, 'Gran Cuvée de la Viña William Fèvre', we have combined the best of our vineyards, the finest French oak, together with a great deal of patience. These superb wines have been masterfully crafted in the Viña William Fèvre tradition, resulting a truly unique line of wines which is released only after it has reached optimum quality and maturity.
This artistic creation, inspired by the forty years I spent in my French Estates, is our highest expression of commitment to excellence. We invite you to experience and enjoy the incomparable...

Chardonnay Gran Cuvée 2007

Pinot Noir Gran Cuvée 2008

Carmenère Gran Cuvée 2006

Cabernet Gran Cuvée 2006