William Fèvre - Chile
Gran Cuvée: Chardonnay 2007

Our Chardonnay Gran Cuvée hails from a single vineyard in slope, located at 700 meters above sea level, at the foot of the Andes Mountains Range. This vine is a clone originating 100% from Burgundy, with an annual production of 7.000 to 7.500 kg/ha.

Winemaking process:

The bunches of the Chardonnay Gran Cuvée are pressed entirely, and the juices separated according to their quality (only the best are selected to produce "our cuvee"). After an overnight clarification, the musts are put in French oak barrels where they will ferment at temperatures controlled between 18 and 20ºC.
Thereafter the malo-lactic fermentation, the Chardonnay Gran Cuvée will start a long aging on total lies during 4 to 6 months.
The wine is then filtered and bottled.

Tasting note:

It is a wine that will age very well (between 5 to 6 years). However, its qualities can already be appreciated. It has a shiny gold color, an intense, elegant and complex nose. The first notes are toasted, buttery with hints of honey and dry fruits, resulting of the aging in oak.

The Chardonnay Gran Cuvée has a good structure and aromatic persistence.
It is an harmonious wine that will marry very well diverse meals.

Food Recommendation: Fish, Poultry

Cheese Recommendation: Mild Cheeses

Technical information:
Harvest date: March 20th, 2007
Harvest Method: manually in small cases of 20 kilos
Production: 8.000 bottles
Alcohol degree: 14,4 % Vol.
Residual sugars: 1.7 g/l
pH: 3,34
Total acidity: 4.24 g/l
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