Bodega Pizzorno - Uruguay
Don Próspero:   Tannat Merlot 2011


This wine is made from a blend of Uruguay's famed Tannat (60 %) grape with Merlot (30 %) and a small percentage of Cabernet Sauvignon (10 %). After a strict control of ripening of each variety carefully selected handpicked grapes using small boxes to preserve the integrity of them on the way to the winery.

We elaborated individually by traditional vinification each variety. The grapes are stemmed on the vats in order to avoid moving the must by pumps, and they are lightly crushed. Density and temperature between 25 and 28ºC control the fermentation.

The must is kept with the skin until it has the right color and structure. After the alcoholic fermentation begins the controls of the second fermentation, called Malolactic. That is a spontaneous process, controlled by continuous chromatography. When the malic acid has been totally degraded by lactic bacteria, the wine is decanted and the SO2 is changed to 25 mg/lt. of SO2 free.

When the wine is biologically finished, it is placed in conservation vats at a stable temperature. We always follow the wine evolution by tasting and this is the way we decide the blend. Labeling and packing are done by hand immediately prior to dispatch.

Its colour is deep red with violet overtones, the aroma is both fruity and spicy.

The wine shows complex fruit flavours, is well bodied, excellently structured and has a lingering mature finish.

Drink with chicken, lamb, pasta, pizzas and cheese.

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