Bodega Pizzorno - Uruguay
Don Próspero:   Tannat 2012


This wine is produced from specially selected grapes grown on our vineyard. The fruit from these vines results in a wine with great depth and richness

De-stemmed and lightly crushed to allow whole berries to pass into the must before being chilled to 12 degrees celsius for 3 days.

The must was then inoculated with select native yeast cultures and begin the fermentation between 23-25 degrees celsius doing one daily delestage during 4 days.

The fermentation is completed in 10 days, then the must is pressed.
Until the time the wine is bottled, the wine is pumped of into Inox Vat for its conservation.

Dark, deep ruby-black color.
Lush, earthy aromas with hints of ripe fruit
Rich and full bodied, flavours of black fruits that linger long on the palate
Delicious now, this wine will continue to improve with bottle age.

Food Recommendation: Beef, Game

Cheese Recommendation: Firm Cheeses

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