Bodega Pizzorno - Uruguay
Don Próspero 2014:

Carefully selected handpicked grapes with an acidity between 5 and 6 grams of H2SO4 (Sulphuric acid) in order to achieve their typical aroma. As we know, the aspiracinas (that provide their aroma) are lost with the ripening. Crushed and fermented protected from oxidation during all the process. After the stemmed, we do twelve-hour pelicular maceration so that more aromas can be extracted.

Fermented at 13 ºC and bottled early to keep all its vivacity.

Pale yellow with greenish reflections.

Intense with herbal bouquet in harmony with tropical fruits.

We can find peach and orange flavours in the mouth with fresh acidity.

Ideal to drink with aperitifs, seefoods, salads and white meats.

It is recommended to serve at 12 ºC.

Food Recommendation: Seafood, Fish, Vegetable

Cheese Recommendation: Soft Cheeses

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