Mission Statement
Sommelier Imports Inc. is committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of discerning palates, by discovering wineries and wine makers that still make great wine with love and passion. Before we add any new winery to our portfolio, we strive to consistently do our homework by traveling to the wineries and investigating the following:
A) Producer's passion, commitment and philosophy for making high quality boutique wines.
B) The wine Maker's skill and attention in Vineyard Management.
C) The location of the winery, the soil, the storage and the whole package that makes a winery outstand above the others.

Sommelier Imports Inc. only imports wines that we represent on national basis. Sommelier Imports Inc. name logo and e-mail address are in every bottle we import as a seal of guarantee.

Our goal is to offer the ultimate in wine experience, through continually and systematically examining our existing wines.

Our extraordinary attention to detail will provide the resources necessary to meet and surpass our wineries as well as our valuable clients needs. We only ask from you valuable customer, to give us the opportunity to show you our great juice: that these winemakers have proudly worked so hard to create.


"A product of man's work, wine is worth, in the final analysis, only what man himself is worth and the ignoramus only makes good wine by accident."

Emile Peynaud

"Dejar de hablar del vino, en ocasiones en terminos proximos, afectivos, casi carinosos, como si el vino fuera un ser humano; pero es que el vino tiene forma, y volumen…y alma. No es un liquido mas, ni siquiera es tan solo un alimento, es algo que se oye, se ve, se huele, se gusta y se toca."

Mª Isabel Mijares y Garcia-Pelayo
Jose Antonio Saenz Illobre