- Domaine Joseph Cattin -

Sheltered from oceanic influences by the "Vosges" solid mass which ensures it one of the weakest precipitations level of France (500 to 600 mm of water per year), the Alsatian vineyard profits from a sunny, hot and dry semi-continental climate.
Located on the 'under-Vosges" hills, between 200 and 400 meters of altitude, it benefits from a maximum exposure to the sun.
The assets specific to the Alsatian vineyards support slow and prolonged grapes maturation and the hatching of aromas of a great smoothness.
The Alsatian geology presents a real mosaic, from granite to limestone, passing by day, shale, sandstone ; this great variety of soils, which take up a surface of approximately 15 000 ha, is favourable to the full bloom of many vine varieties.

Riesling Medaille D"OR 2005

Gewurztraminer 2005

Pinot Noir Rouge 2003

Gewurztraminer 2000 SGN