Infinitus: Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
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Grapes: Blend of 85 % Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and 15 % Merlot grapes.

Alcohol: 14.5 %

Harvest: 20th March - 10th April
Harvesting is performed manually and the grapes are transported in small trays to the cellar in order not to damage them.

Vinification : Traditional methods of production are used in the winery:

Fermentation is carried out with indigenous yeasts under strict temperature conditions at 26 degrees Celsius with a long maceration period (29 days).

Following gentle and traditional clarification with egg whites, aging continues in the bottle.

Ageing: In vats for one year and racked every 3 months to allow the sediments to settle naturally.

Tasting notes: The traditional Bordeaux blend displays a particular Argentinean interpretation.

On the palate is round with ripe, gentle tannins and great amounts of red fruits which gives it a very intense and fruity bouquet and perfect acidity.

Food Recommendation: Pasta, Beef, Game

Cheese Recommendation: Firm Cheeses

Wine Notes:
Size of the vineyards: 12 hectares
Location of the vineyards: Rio Negro, Patagonia
Age of the vines: 35 years.
Yielding: 50 hectoliters per hectare on average.
Density: 4500 plants per hectare.
Soil: loamy sand.
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